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Why Choose a Registered Master Builder?

Building with a Registered Master Builder means bringing high quality skills, qualifications and experience to create the homes you share with loved ones and the workplaces you go to daily.

Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a 10-year Master Build Guarantee on residential work. These are some of the best products available on the market at a very competitive price.

To be a Registered Master Builder, building experience, trade or professional qualifications and practical management experience are assessed. Workmanship is inspected and previous clients contacted, to ensure the applicant’s work is of a high standard and has satisfied clients’ expectations.

In addition applicants must provide evidence of financial responsibility with written references from their bank, accountant and building material suppliers.

Why wouldn’t you choose a Registered Master Builder?




Licensed building practitioners (LBPs)

If you’re thinking of getting building or renovation work done on your house or apartment, you need to check if it’s ‘restricted building work’ (RBW). If it is, you’ll need a licensed building practitioner – or LBP – to do it.

Restricted building work involves the building’s structure, weather tightness, and design of fire safety systems.

Because this work is so important, it’s only allowed to be done by licensed building practitioners (LBPs). LBPs are assessed before getting licensed, and have to maintain their skills to keep their licence.

Restricted building work, and the requirement to use LBPs to do it, was brought in on 1 March 2012 (through changes to the Building Act 2004).

Restricted building work can only be done or supervised by tradespeople who have proven they are properly skilled – licensed building practitioners (LBPs).

It is an offence for an unlicensed person to carry out or supervise RBW. It is also an offence to knowingly engage an unlicensed person to carry out or supervise restricted building work.




Hazard Co – Site Safety

With HazardCo we’ve created a system that gives business owners what they want: a simple, practical way to effectively deal with health and safety on their worksite. Something that helps address the legislative and regulatory requirements – that doesn’t look like a mass of complicated paper work.

We have a 30 strong nationwide team, including 15 regional customer service reps spread from Bluff to Kaitaia. You can also access our 0800 call centre with 24/7 accident/incident support. HazardCo will provide your business with all the H&S resources they will need. It’s straight-talking, straight forward health and safety.


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